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Solartron Metrology is a world leader in the innovation and manufacture of precision digital and analogue dimensional gauging probes, displacement transducers, optical linear encoders and associated instrumentation. In the lab, on the shop floor or in the field, Solartron Metrology products provide precise linear measurements for quality control, test and measurement and machine control, in for example, the automotive, electronics, aerospace, materials, optics and semiconductor industries... anywhere, in fact where accuracy and consistency are critical to the process.


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AnalogueGaugingProbes-Short.jpg                     digitalprobe3.jpg                   G Series.jpg              G Series.jpg          S Series.jpg               0P6 GUIDED CORE_01.jpg

         Gauging Probes (Analogue)              Orbit 3 Gauging Probes (Digital)                       DG Series                                G Series             "S" Displacement Transducers        Optimum Displacement Transducers    

mdmicroseries.jpg             smseries.jpg       dcminiature.jpg          gemco series s953.jpg         Gemco Range_01.jpg          digitalprobe3.jpg 

              MD Micro                                        SM Series                                DF (g) Series                                   Gemco Series 953               Gemco Series 955                  Orbit Controllers and Modules  

     si3300[1].jpg              SI7000_web[1].jpg           od2.jpg      od4.jpg              bicms2.jpg             DRC.jpg

                 Block Gauges                                      Flexure Gauging                                              Analogue Conditioning Electronics                            Automation Control System (ACS)                Digital Readout    



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. OrbitŪ 3 Digital Measuring System.      Controllers, Analogue input modules, Encoder input modules, MODBUS Interface)


Digital Linear Transducers / Digital Gauing Probes.


Digital Linear Special Measuring Transducers.     Block gauges, Miniature Transducers, Flexure Transducers, Lever Probes.


Sub Categories
Gauging Probes (Analogue)
Gauging Probes (Orbit3 Digital)
DG (Integrated Electronics) Series
"G" (Integrated Electronics) Series
"S" Series LVDT Displacement Transducers
Optimum Series
MD Micro Series
SM Series
DF(g) Series
Siginal Conditioning
Lazer Gauging
GEMCO Series S953 Displacement transducers
GEMCO Series S955 Displacement Transducers
Block Gauges Series
Flexure Gauges Series
Digital Readout


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