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Quality Management


The role of a quality manager is one that is constantly evolving.  With increased demands on manufacturing operations quality managers are finding themselves subject to stricter guidelines from both their customers and regulatory bodies.  Quality managers are now required to take proactive approaches to ensure they are meeting the variety of requirements that are imposed on them.  Historically individual programs were developed at the plant level to address quality needs; however, quality managers are now taking an approach that includes a complete enterprise wide view of the business.

IQS provides the following capabilities to quality managers:

·         Document operating procedures, policies, and work instructions

·         Manage nonconformances and corrective actions

·         Manage and investigate customer complaints

·         Manage supplier related issues including supplier performance

·         Implement closed-loop processes that support continuous improvement efforts


Compliance & Regulatory


Compliance Managers play a crucial role in corporations today. They play an essential role in ensuring that the organization has the proper processes in place to meet the requirements and regulations as identified by industry standards/mandates, federal, state, and local government and other regulatory bodies. In today’s world due to the level of compliance requirements that are imposed on companies the role of a compliance manager has become more complex.

IQS provides the following capabilities to compliance managers:

·         Create security settings for access to both active and archived documents

·         Configure approval routings and approval requirements

·         Integrate and guide audits for documentation, product, and internal functions/processes

·         Simplify compliance efforts through control and organization across the corporation

·         Analyze and ensure compliance with minimized complexity and avoidance of costs associated with errors and omissions

·         Monitor compliance efforts with intelligent dashboards


Risk Management


Today Risk Managers are seeing their role evolve into a role that requires knowledge of the entire business versus focusing on a predetermined set of risk exposures as defined by the corporation.  The ability to understand and evaluate risk as it relates to the corporation is crucial for companies who want to capitalize on growth opportunities and see continual return on investment.  Risk management has now become an essential component of tracking business performance and aligns it with corporate initiatives.  
IQS provides the following capabilities to risk managers:

·         Collaborate with teams to develop risk mitigation plans across the enterprise

·         Identify, classify and document risk

·         Identify and contain risks from internal and external sources

·         Analyze potential risk scenarios

·         Aggregate and report data for enterprise risk analysis

·         Incorporate problem solver expertise and knowledge into risk evaluations


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